UK Piloting Project Partners

Partners to be acknowledged as supporting the piloting of Social Seducement game:
1. Waltham Forest Council’s Adult Learning Service
2. South Bank University
3. Doing Social (Harsha Patel)
4. Cooltan Arts
5. Fiona Conn
6. Artisan
7. The Social and Emotional Wellbeing Support Service (Hilary Schwager)
8. East-15 Acting School, part of the University of Essex

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British, Belgian and Spanish Social enterprises that supported the game development through sharing of their stories:
1. Bikeworks
2. Emmaus St. Alban’s
3. Zaharena
4. Cannelle
5. Damnet
6. Les Grigloux
7. Vives

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Other acknowledgements for giving feedback and input into game development:
1. Ian Baker, School for Social Entrepreneurs

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This game reflects the view of Social Planet partners only. The UKNA and the European Commission are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains

This work draws on the business model canvas (creative commons BY-SA3.0). The Social Planet partners would like to thank Ingrid Burkett Knode for granting permission to use parts of her work on using the business model canvas for social enterprise design.

Importantly, the Social Planet partners would like to thank all those social enterprises that have given permission to use their stories in our game.

Other legal
The Social Planet partnership cannot be held responsible for the discussions in the live chat nor for the quality and copy right permissions of training material uploaded by third parties.


CC BY-SA 3.0

Emailing us
When you want to register as a facilitator or as a player you will need to supply us with your email address. We will use this email address solely for the purpose of registering you for the game. We will not pass this on to third parties. But we may use your email to keep you informed of developments with the game (e.g. update) and the Social Planet project in general.

Using the in-game live chat
The game contains an in-built live chat which you need to use to play the game.
The live chat will be monitored by the group facilitator in order to support game playing and to moderate conflict.
We will collect the contents of the live chat and store this for the correct operation of the game . At the end of the game you will receive feedback on the quantity of your contribution only.
The contents of your live chat contributions will not be shared with third parties. In the event of criminal activities taking place in the chat information will be passed on to the relevant authorities.

Completing in-game quizzes
Player groups are invited to complete some in-game quizzes. You will receive the results of these quizzes immediately after completion and once finished the game. We will not pass on this data to individuals or organisations that are not part of the social seducement partnership or your facilitator.